Cruising Grounds

If you were wondering what to do while you're on the water, here are some of the places that you can visit, and things you can do.

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Deer Harbor - The starting point for your trip, located on the Southwest corner of Orcas Island, about 10 miles from the Orcas Ferry landing, and 11 miles from Eastsound. Deer Harbor Marina has become the marina activity center on Orcas Island. With its central location in the San Juans and its dryer climate than other parts of the island, it is a perfect location to start your boating adventure.

Jones Island - Jones Island is a Washington State marine state park. Located just to the west of Deer Harbor, it is only about a 15 minute ride to the dock on the North side of the island. The island is 190 acres and plays host to numerous campsites as well as beautiful views. Hike around the island or just do some beachcombing. Jones also has some restroom which might come in handy while out on the water.

Waldron Island - Waldron is a residential island with incredible landscapes and beautiful to view from the water. Unfortunately there is nowhere to land on the island, so it has to be enjoyed from the water.

Spieden Island - Formerly known as Safari Island, Spieden is one of the top spots to view wildlife in the San Juans. Thirty years ago many species of wild animals were imported onto the island for hunters to hunt. They were shut down not long after (not surprisingly), but Spieden still plays host to a few of these animals. Herds of fallow deer, sika deer, and mufflon sheep can usually be seen on the southern side, and bald eagles are a regular sight all around the island. Located about a half hour west of Deer Harbor, and a half hour north of Friday Harbor, it is a great place to take a look at from the water on your way to Roche Harbor. Spieden can also be a great place to fish off of as well.

San Juan Island - San Juan is the most populated of the San Juan Islands, covering almost as much space as Orcas Island, also plays host to Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor.

Wasp Islands - Known for their beauty and tranquility, the Wasp Islands are a treacherous area for boating. These islands are best viewed from a distance due to the many unmarked reefs in the area. These islands are located to the South of Deer Harbor and the North of Friday Harbor. If travelling from Deer Harbor or Friday Harbor please stay to the west of these islands. We will be glad to show you the proper route.

Roche Harbor - Roche is one of the top destinations in the San Juan Islands. Listed on the National Register of Historical Sites, the old Hotel de Haro was built in 1886. Once a favorite destination spot for President Theodore Roosevelt, Roche Harbor still welcomes visitors from all over the world to sample its charm and sense of history. Located on the North side of San Juan Island, Roche is about 45 minutes ride from Deer Harbor or Friday Harbor with much to see along the way.

Friday Harbor - Friday Harbor is the biggest town in the San Juan Islands. With great restaurants, tons of shopping, beautiful boats and amazing views, this is a must see during your visit. We are located below downriggers restaurant on the south side of the fuel dock. You can also take one of our boats from Deer Harbor to Friday Harbor, which usually only takes 30 to 45 minutes to ride over.

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